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About the Host

I’m a native of Chicago, Illinois and after graduating from Lindblom Tech High School, I went to Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi. After my senior year, which I served as Student Body President, I stayed in Mississippi and worked various jobs, including being a teacher, newspaper editor and a deputy sheriff. In 1996, I became the first African American since Reconstruction to be selected Sergeant-at-Arms of the Mississippi State Senate and three years later, I was elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives as the Representative for District 72. I served nine years in that position. I also had the privilege of being the Democratic nominee for the United States Senate twice, in 2006 and 2008. That experience led me to becoming the Policy Director for the ACLU of Mississippi some years later. I left Mississippi to move to Atlanta, Georgia and that is where I started my podcast, A Moment with Erik Fleming.

The goal of this podcast is to be a voice of reason to the powers that be that articulates the value of African Americans accurately. By its political nature, it is my hope that the podcast can edify and sway potential voters to elect candidates and support positions that are in the best interest of the African American community. The more informed and educated African American voters are, the better our chances to place persons in public office that will serve and protect our common interests. Therefore, A Moment with Erik Fleming should be an educational, influential and inspirational experience for its listeners.